The toy Optimus Prime.

My Comics!

Ok, I admit I'm a little strange...

But I've been working on a little story about my tiny toy collection here and there ever since I discovered Transformers in college. And since I enjoy telling stories, I figured why not emulate some other very creative people I've found on the internet by making my very own webcomic. I hope I can do a good job with it.

And as a common aside, I must state that I do not own the Transformers, except in the persons of my toys, and I stand to gain nothing monetarily from them. Transformers, their names, and the vehicle brands and names they transform into are all the property of their respective owners.

I do, however, claim the rights to my own characters, if not their alt modes.

The Story

We begin in the year 2007. In the context of my story, the Transformers are real beings, but humans have been making toys based on them since the 1980's, and some of them have come to life. Here follow the adventures of the few, brave mechs living in my house.

More coming soon!

Comics - Season 1

Other Tales...

As an aspiring author, I hope in time to post teaser chapters and pictures from my other stories in the making. If interest is sufficient, I may even sell them from here. Time will tell!