Artistic Reveries

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About Me

A delicate butterfly, drawn in pencil.

My Background

When I was a child, I loved to draw and color, and read whatever I got my hands on. Throughout my schooling I continued to develop my talents, and also began to write for fun. In time I went to college. There I added ceramics and sculpture to my artistic capabilities, and discovered a love for all things automotive.

A blue Chevy SS made of cupcakes and icing, for a birthday cake.

My Medium

Thanks to my education I can use many different mediums, but have mostly stuck to acrylic paints, artist markers and colored pencil in my work. Occasionally, I will use just pen or graphite to draw... and sometimes, I go and do something completely different with whatever is at hand.

Drawing in my books...

My Inspiration

What I see all around inspires me, the beauty and wonder of Creation and my love of the One that created it all. In my writing, I aspire to be like the great C.S. Lewis, and to create whole worlds as he did. Now I hope to bring together my art and my writing, to author and illustrate stories to inspire others.